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Carpets are such fundamental components of your home or workplace, which need regular

maintenance to prolong their life span. Not only do they add to the comfort of a home,

but also alter and enhance the complete appearance of any room or space. However, they are a strong breeding ground for bacteria, mites, dust particles, allergens, dirt particles, etc.

With children and pets residing in the house, carpets are more prone to become dirtier faster. Urine stains, pet hair and dirt, food and drink spills are commonly seen in such households. Temporary cleaning measures such as vacuuming, spot cleaning, stain removal, using harsh chemicals might get the job done but it would not be able to reach the deeper layers of carpet fibers. These deposits keep building up, especially food particles and stains, which become permanent with increased wear and tear.

Without adequate care and cleaning, even the most expensive carpets tend to lose their integrity and purpose. To prevent any good carpet from going bad, professional carpet cleaners need to be hired to do the job well so that even the deepest layers of the carpet are left spick and span, devoid of any residual dirt or stains.

In a place like Ventura in Ventura County, the Mediterranean climate is responsible for very humid and hot summers. Similarly, the months of winters suffer a good amount of rainfall which is also responsible for making the air moist. Due to this, even the carpets, furniture, upholstery, rugs, etc., at homes tend to get affected by yearly weather variations and this strengthens the stains and the dirt and dust buildup.

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Therefore, it is incredibly important to take good care of your carpets by deep cleaning them and getting rid of all the excessively rigid stains, mold, filth, etc. The best people to get the job done are always going to be professional carpet cleaners. Adequate cleaning ensures to get rid of all accumulating foul odors within the room or space where there are carpets. Carpet cleaning is a sophisticated process and requires high-quality equipment and materials.

Our carpet cleaning company is catered to provide supreme quality carpet cleaning services in all of Ventura and Ventura County. We only have the most skilled and dedicated team of carpet cleaners who have received ample training and education in this field. This is to ensure that each carpet or rug is treated with the utmost care and love that it deserves, and it is only achievable if our cleaners are well aware and competent enough to understand the type of carpet and exactly what kind of cleaning it requires.

There are a few basic steps that go into deep cleaning of carpets:

1. Inspection and Vacuuming:

First, the carpets that are to be deep cleaned are thoroughly inspected from every corner and edge. This is important to understand what kind of carpet it is and what is the most suitable cleaning method and cleaning solutions necessary to do the job perfectly. All stubborn spots and stains are also noted which need special treatment.

This is followed by effective vacuuming of the carpets. High powered vacuums are used to get all the loose or unstable particles of food, dirt, dust, etc., out of the carpets before further cleaning can be initiated.


2. Spot and Stain Treatment along with Conditioning:

Using harsh chemicals can damage carpets which shorten their lifespan, but this can easily be avoided by hiring professional carpet cleaners who know and understand the needs of every carpet. Our carpet cleaners are extremely skilled and can efficiently figure out what your carpets need, and which chemicals and detergents work best with the material of your carpets.

Spot treatments also require an understanding of the kind of stains and spots which can be found on the carpets and which removal agents will be able to best remove them. This knowledge is available with all professionals who are well versed in properly handling expensive carpets. Stain and spot treatments are conducted, followed by shampooing and conditioning of the carpets.


3. Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction:

Steam cleaning is done using special equipment that sprays detergent and heated water on the carpet together. Both the detergent and the water are then extracted, which pulls out dissolved dirt and dislodged particles along with them.


Now, this cannot be performed at home by any person who does not possess adequate information regarding carpet cleaning, as man-made carpets can easily get damaged by high pressured steam. Some carpets tend to become fuzzier while others such as woven ones can even shrink. The best method to prevent such a disaster from occurring would be by hiring professional carpet cleaners to do the job as they are well equipped to handle and manage the hot water extraction settings depending on the type and make of any carpet.


4. Deodorizing along with the final inspection:

The next step includes using a deodorizing chemical or agent to remove any remnant odors or foul smells from the fibers of the carpet. People can perform homemade DIY techniques for deodorizing by using baking soda, but this is generally not recommended as baking soda is a strong compound and if not carefully handled, it causes more damage to the carpet than good.

After ensuring that the carpet is devoid of any residual bad odors, the last step would be to conduct a detailed post-cleaning inspection of the carpet. This is something that our professional carpet cleaners are trained remarkably in and they always make sure to check and inspect every corner and edge of the carpet. Once the post-cleaning inspection is clear, your carpet is good to go and as fresh as new.


Cleaning carpets might sound like a basic idea and simple thought, but it is a lot more sophisticated in real. It is advised to hire professional carpet cleaners at least once a year to efficiently get all your carpets cleaned deeply and perfectly. By doing so, not only will you be able to prevent your family or friends from getting exposed to multiple infections being harbored in dirty carpets, but also will have a fresh, clean aura all around the space, while simultaneously offer an appealing, hygienic, and stunning outlook.

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The professionals at our company are the best in carpet cleaners in all of Ventura and Ventura County. They understand and acknowledge how valuable your carpets are and they always handle all your carpets with great gentleness and care. Knowing this, rest assured that your carpets are always going to be in good, competent hands and will come out looking and feeling cleaner than ever.

Our carpet cleaning company provides top-tier services for everyone who is looking to get their carpets cleaned and who are tired of trying to clean stubborn stains and spots from their carpets. Not only do we care about your carpets, but we also care deeply about your health and about providing you with fresh, clean carpets for your home or office. Health comes above all and it is imperative that you hire professional cleaners to achieve the necessary carpet cleaning results that would leave your feeling happy and content.



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